Welcome to Supra Powers

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Listen to your body as symptoms are clues to the imbalances that are experienced. The overall well-being is heightened when we learn to respond to our body’s needs appropriately.
Supra Powers offers wide range of Precious & Semi-precious Stones, Healing stones, Rudraksh, Pyramids, Yantras, Fengshui products & healing services like Reflexology, Colour therapy, Pranic healing, Reiki and Tarot reading. Our therapies help in the restoration of the natural balance by aiding modern medical advancements with ancient medical techniques and complementary therapies that are used worldwide.
Dr.Pradeep Datta, the facilitator of Supra Powers is a consultant, therapist, gemmologist and he is a member of

  • Indian institute of Alternative Medicines (Kolkata),

  • All India Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing FoundationSM Trust which is affiliated to the World Pranic Healing foundationSM Inc. (Manila),

  • Acupressure Health centre (Chandigarh).

It is Dr.Pradeep Datta’s continued research and belief in complete health care system that he is a globally acclaimed therapist of Reiki, Colour, Pranic Healing, and a practitioner of eye neurobics.
MIND-BODY-SOUL, THIRD EYE and IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY are some of his books that offer detailed and step-by-step study and benefits of the invisible energies which every human being possesses but are unaware of.